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Welcome to my Home Page Spielkarten24 - Playing Cards

And as the name says ma page oscillates between all those things connected to Playing Cards, and here especially regarding the most
famous Card Game in Germany, the SKAT (see further down) -
My hobby is collecting historical Playing Cards. On my homepage you find information on the following topics (in German) : History of the Skat (German Card Game) , Links to those subjects, Card makers, ancient playing cards. Map of my home town: Altenburg, which is the home of the Card Game Museum and houses several Card Makers.

I'm constantly looking for ancient German Playing Card, without being restricted to these more national interests, I'm continually looking for old rule books, playing card presses (metal, wood or stone) old pattern books, play money, chips, old books on such subjects, postcards with such pertinent motives

You might be interested in knowing the rules of the most played Card Game in Germany, the SKAT. As a matter of fact, it is also played in other countries as well, and this is the reason that there exists quite a World Association dedicated to this game.
The address would bewww.ispaworld.org

Playing Cards are your Hobby ? You are collecting, selling, buying such items or you are simply interested in this matter ?

Send an email to Info Playxing Cards .in German, if possible, otherwise in English , we will answer you on both options!